The Scoring System

Defensive Shutout=10 points
Touchdown (Passing, Rushing, Receiving, Returning, Defensive)=6 points
(Kick or Punt Return Touchdowns count for both the Team Defense and Individual Player)
Field Goal of 45 Yards or more=5 points
Defense Allows 1-10 points=5 points
Each 300 Yards Passing=5 points
Each 25 Completions=5 points
Each 100 Yards Rushing=5 points
Each 15 Rushing Attempts=5 points
Each 100 Yards Receiving=5 points
Field Goal of less than 45 Yards=3 points
Defensive Safety=3 points
2 Point Conversion (Passing, Rushing, Receiving, Defensive)=2 points
Interception=2 points
Defensive Fumble Recovery=2 points
Defense Allows 11-20 points=2 points
Defense Returned 2 Point Conversion=2 points
20 Yards Passing=1 point
10 Yards Rushing=1 point
Each Reception=1 point
10 Yards Receiving=1 point
Extra Point=1 point
Sack=1 point
Defensive Blocked Punt=1 point
Missed Field Goal= -1 point
Missed Extra Point= -1 point
Interception Thrown= -2 points
Fumbles Lost= -2 points