2023 Power Rankings - Week 9

Rank (LW) Logo Team Record Rating Comment
1 (2) SH 6-2 107.64 The champs scored 164 points for the second time this year. The Hooligans are the hottest team in the league with a 5 game winning streak. They had a terrific week where every starter scored at least 10 points. Heck even rookie Emari Demercado got his first FFL start and finished with 13 points on 20 carries.
2 (1) FW 5-3 105.64 The Pistons lost their game in epic fashion. Herbert reached his passing bonus of 300 yards with 7:51 to go in the 4th quarter. The bonus gave Fort Wayne a 2 point lead over LA. On his next passing play (his last pass of the game), it went to Ekeler in the flat where he would fumble and lose 5 yards, costing Herbert to lose his bonus and utlimately the FFL game.
3 (3) LAB 7-1 95.30 The Bombers were on the good side of Fort Wayne's misfortune. The victory gave LA win #7, which will be good enough to punch their ticket to the playoffs. If it wasn't for the heroic 38 point evening by A.J. Brown, the Bombers would not be in the driver's seat for the #1 overall seed. The one time they were the #1 seed, they did make a final.
4 (4) CTR 4-4 92.94 The Triumph have proved nothing when it comes to the standings this season. They are 4-4 with a plus/minus of 0. Are they mediocre? Not really. Chicago is the 3rd highest scoring team in the league and is one of 3 teams to score over 100 points every week, but they are 1 of 2 teams where their opponent has scored over 100 points every week.
5 (6) DEN 4-4 85.35 The Diamonds had a terrific week scoring a season high of 150 points but lost. If the loss wasn't bad enough, they lost Kirk Cousins for the rest of the season due to an Achilles injury. He planted his foot and pushed off which tore his tendon. At the time of his injury he was just 2 passes and 26 passing yards short of getting two bonuses.
6 (7) SD 4-4 85.04 The Surge toppled the Commando Cats by over 50 points to climb up the standings and get the coveted last playoff seed. At this point in time, they would join the rest of their division rivals in the playoff field. San Diego had another huge game from Hurts going for 47 points to win POTW. He is second in overall scoring only to Josh Allen.
7 (10) TB 5-3 81.46 The Blizzard emphatically stopped their losing streak by inexplicably going off for 167 points. In the previous two weeks combined, they scored 147 points. Sam Howell played out of his mind going for over 50 points. Gus Edwards had a stellar week too finding the endzone 3 times for 34 points. Not bad for a 14th round pick.
8 (8) ND 3-5 78.21 The Nimrods held off an unfathomable comeback bid versus the Rattlesnakes. Heading into Monday night, North Dakota was up 19 points with Davante Adams vs. Sam LaPorta. What ensued was a complete collapse of the Raiders with Adams only catching one ball for 2 points. To add more garbage to the pile, Darren Wallen suffered a hamstring injury and will miss time.
9 (5) ANA 3-5 74.11 The Commando Cats had their winning streak end at the hands of the Surge. In just one week's time, Mahomes went from being the Player of the Week to losing to the Player of the Week. He did not account for a TD and turned the ball over 3 times. He had a 47 point drop off from one week to the next. The loss takes them out of the playoff picture for now.
10 (9) SF 4-4 73.31 The Rattlesnakes came so close to pulling off a miracle comeback. LaPorta dropped Goff's last pass of the evening and would have at least tied the game if he made that catch. This week was a huge missed opportunity for gain a victory if just one more thing went right for them. Dak had an INT, Cook needed one more carry for a bonus, and Tucker missed a FG.
11 (12) DET 2-6 67.83 The Devils snapped their 6 game losing streak by upsetting the Triumph. It was their highest score of the season with 143 points. Gibbs had his coming out party scoring 39 points which included 152 rushing yards. His effort helped overcome a 30 point deficit heading into MNF. The Lions D contributed too getting 6 sacks to cement their win.
12 (11) ATL 1-7 66.06 The Jesters are the coldest team in the league and seemed destined to miss the playoffs. The struggle is real at QB where Atlanta averages 20 points per game which is 6 points below the league average. The wideouts showed life this week with St. Brown and Waddle combining for a season high of 51 points with both WRs netting 20 points.

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