2017 Power Rankings - Week 8

Rank (LW) Logo Team Record Rating Comment
1 (1) SD 6-1 93.31 As good as their 6-1 record. If the Surge were any better, they would be undefeated. No team in this league has looked so dominant that they deserve to be undefeated. San Diego has won 6 in a row, which is the league's best. The Surge are getting it done with a dominant backfield and strong quarterback play from Cousins.
2 (4) DET 4-3 91.48 As good as their 4-3 record. The defending champs are poised to defend their crown after their third consecutive victory. The Devils have scored 5 times over 110 points, doing so over their past 4 games too. Their season still hinges on whether or not Ezekiel Elliott will be suspended. So far, he has yet to sit a game of his 6-game suspension.
3 (3) ANC 4-3 90.32 As good as their 4-3 record. The Ice Knights have not done too much since erupting for 173 points in week 3. They opened the season at 3-0 only to follow it with an 0-3 stretch. Anchorage is one of 3 teams to score 800 points for the season. They have been pretty quiet on the free agent market by their standards too.
4 (2) LA 4-3 87.51 Better than their 4-3 record. The Bombers are the league's highest scoring team and they hold 2 scores than rank in the top 5. Their biggest assett is Kareem Hunt who started off the season with a 54 point day. It is still the highest scoring day for any non QB. Los Angeles have a big question mark going forward, Winston or Goff at quarterback.
5 (6) TB 6-1 81.20 Worse than their 6-1 record. The Blizzard have the second best record in the league despite not even being in the upper half of the league for points scored. However, they have gone for at least 112 points over the past 3 weeks. Their bigest weakness is at tight end where they have their hopes hanging on a Lion.
6 (5) SF 3-4 79.60 Better than their 3-4 record. The Rattlesnakes have been a good team over the past 4 weeks scoring over 100 each week and averaging 126 points. However, they only have two victories to show for over that time. San Fran has alternating wins and losses. Week 8 would suggest they win to run their pattern to L-W-L-W-L-W-L-W.
7 (7) ND 3-4 73.98 Better than their 3-4 record. The Nimrods worst score for the year is 98 which leads the league. North Dakota has dumped their originial QB of Derek Carr in favor of Carson Wentz. That was a wise move because he has turned in 2 40 point performances in the past 2 weeks. Carr did not even break 30 points in 3 tries.
8 (8) DEN 4-3 63.29 Worse than their 4-3 record. The Diamonds are in a tailspin after starting off the season at 4-0. Their week 5 loss to the Pistons was unexecusable. In week 6 they lost Aaron Rodgers. In week 7 they lost Carson Palmer and finished with 45 points. Week 8 is not starting off well with a horrible 10 point carryover coming from their QB, RB, and WR.
9 (10) SH 3-4 63.24 As good as their 3-4 record. The Hooligans are not the same team when it comes to their ground game. Fournette and Montgomery is a decent 1-2 punch but both guys are injured. Fournette missed his first game of the season after scoring a TD in every game he has played. Montgomery has not been the same RB for since bruising his ribs.
10 (12) ATL 2-5 60.30 As good as their 2-5 record. After starting their first 5 games on a losing streak, the Jesters have won two in a row. Atlanta has scored over 100 points in those victories, where before they did it once in the first 5 games. Dumping the first defense off the board (New England) sparked the turnaround. The Rams D has scored 38 points in the last 2 games.
11 (9) CHI 1-6 58.58 Better than their 1-6 record. This is not the worst team in the league despite suffering the most injuries. The Triumph have had to over losing David Johnson and Greg Olsen for over half the season. Then losing Powell, Kelley, and Tate during games have cost them even more.
12 (11) FW 2-5 53.06 Worse than their 2-5 record. This is the lowest scoring team in the league with 595 points which is 45 points worse than second worst. THe Pistons has no running game to speak of. Marshawn Lynch is there best guy and he suspended one game for playing peace maker.

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