2020 Power Rankings - Week 6

Rank (LW) Logo Team Record Rating Comment
1 (4) LAB 3-2 114.63 The Bombers are finally back on top despite losing their second in a row. Speaking of numbers, not one of their players got a yardage bonus. Metcalf and Gisecki finished with over 90 yards receiving and Russell failed to get 300+ yards passing for the second time this season with a season low of 217.
2 (6) FW 3-2 113.68 The Pistons went off for the second time this season. They now have the two highest scores this year with 189 and 188 points. All of their RBs and WRs scored at least 26 points. Fitz Magic still had some magic from last year with a 41 point day. Even their tight end Andrews did well with a 17 point day.
3 (8) ANC 4-1 110.29 Anchorage won the battle of 3-1 teams to prove any doubters that they belong at the top of the mountain. They have already surpassed last year's regular season win total in week 5. It was no surprise that Rodgers' huge 50 point carryover was the difference maker beating Russell by 19 for the 18 point win.
4 (1) SF 4-1 106.14 The Rattlesnakes finally had a sub par game. In a 3-game stretch that saw them score 539 points (nearly 180 points per game), they were humbled with a 105 point day. Despite the lackluster week, they still won making it 4 in a row. Patrick Mahomes was the only player to go over 20 points, but he did finally win POTW.
5 (2) TB 3-2 100.69 The Blizzard had a repeat of the previous week except with opposite results. The loser scored 120 points and the winner scored in the 150's. Tampa came out on the losing end this week. Joe Mixon had 30 touches but only 84 combined yards and 19 points. The week before he had 31 touches, 181 combined yards, and 52 points.
6 (7) ATL 1-4 91.88 The Jesters had a bad day at the office failing to break 100 points. Their success was cut short when Dalvin Cook left the game vs. Seattle at the start of the second half with 17 carries and 5 catches. His replacement, Mattison would finish the game with 20 carries and well over 100 yards rushing.
7 (5) DET 3-2 87.60 The Devils ran into the buzzsaw that was Fort Wayne. With the third highest score, Detroit has nothing to show for except for a good effort of 142 points. Deshaun Watson was their only option at QB because Newton's game vs. Denver was postponed to week 6. The Devils also to scramble for a new D.
8 (12) ND 3-2 87.16 The Nimrods had a steller week of 151 points to reel off their third win in a row. Evan Engram was the only player not to score in double digits. Dustin Johnson was the only player (excluding kickers) not to find the endzone. North Dakota has scored 10 points less than last year's championship run after 5 weeks.
9 (10) SD 2-3 86.84 The Surge ended their 3 game losing streak to keep pace for the final playoff spot. This team was very top heavy with the top half of their lineup scoring 111 points while the bottom half scored 13 points. Kyler Murray had his second 40 point game of the season and scored his 5th TD with his legs.
10 (3) DEN 1-4 83.56 That stench you smell is the garbage that the Diamonds are in. Sure, they scored exactly half of last week's point total, but that isn't their biggest problem. Dak broke his ankle so he's obviously done for the season. Denver doesn't have a backup QB so they will be scraping the waiver wire to find his replacement.
11 (11) CTR 1-4 77.14 The Triumph are dropping like flies. Here's how depleted Chicago was for week 5. Thomas (1st rd) = inactive, Chubb (2nd rd) = IR, Allen (5th rd) = hurt in 1st quarter, Mack (7th rd) = out for season, Green (8th rd) = hurt again. Brown (12th rd) = inactive. Yes, it's terrible but at least they haven't caught the coronavirus yet.
12 (9) SH 2-3 76.35 The Hooligans picked up their second win of the season to take the last playoff spot despite being the lowest scoring team. Stefon Diggs pulled off the comeback on Tuesday night football (yes, you read that right) to overcome the 12 point deficit. Mostert returned from injury after missing 2 weeks to add 14 points.

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