2017 Power Rankings - Week 6

Rank (LW) Logo Team Record Rating Comment
1 (2) LA 4-1 105.69 The Bombers continued their season of excellence with the high score of the week with 147 points. It also makes them the highest scoring team in the league. It helps when your defense scores forces 5 turnovers and scores 2 TD's which equated to 29 points.
2 (4) SD 4-1 93.83 The Surge is now riding a 4-game winning streak. They could not keep their streak of scoring more points than the previous week. It was only a 16 point drop off but they won handily. San Diego got a pair of 17-point weeks from their Seattle defense and Cameron Brate.
3 (1) ANC 3-2 93.59 Anchoage finally falls from #1 in the power rankings after 4 weeks at the top. It was like deja vu as the Ice Knights had to watch a lead slip away on Monday Night football. It was Kyle Rudolph (another TE) this time who shined and outscored Stefon Diggs to overcome the 10-point deficit.
4 (8) DET 2-3 81.80 The Devils snapped their 3-game losing streak in easy fashion. There was no superstar this week breaking 30 points but 3 players scored in the 20's. It may be the last time we see Elliott play for a while because his 6-game ban and has been reversed and is effective immediately.
5 (3) DEN 4-1 81.35 The Diamonds dropped their first game of the season to one of the worst teams in the league. Denver was on their way to victory with Kelce having a huge night on Sunday night football, but suffered a concussion in the first half finishing the day with 98 receiving yards.
6 (7) ND 2-3 77.37 The Nimrods were burned for 147 points for the second consecutive week. What makes matters worse is that it came against a divisional foe for the second time too. Their loss degates the two big days they got from Wentz and Brown who combined for 73 points.
7 (6) SF 2-3 75.97 The Rattlesnakes fell 6 points short of victory which is a kick in the pants. San Fran made the switch at quarterback going from Newton to Watson. The move has been brilliant. Watson has gone for 49 and 48 points. However if you take Bell's performance out, their kicker lost to the rest of the team 21 to 14.
8 (9) TB 4-1 75.58 The Blizzard are 4-1 and still have a negative +/-. It is safe to say that this team has been lucky to win so many games. They have two victories this season where they failed to break 100 points and still found the win column. On the positive side, 112 points is their highest point total of the season.
9 (10) SH 2-3 66.33 The Hooligans pulled off a miracle. Going into the week, it looked as if they did not have a chance to win with Ryan and Jones combining for a 15-point carryover. Well, Fournette erupted for 40 points and the newly aquired Hopkins caught 3 touchdowns. To finish it off, Rudolph completed the comeback in duck, duck, goose fashion.
10 (5) CHI 1-4 65.95 The Triumph took a nose dive after peaking the week before. Nothing went right for Chicago on Sunday. Brady had a sub par day and scored 27 points on TNF. They picked up two more injuries as Powell and Clay left in the first half and never returned. This team has been devasted by injuries this year.
11 (12) FW 2-3 54.20 The Pistons handed the last undefeated team their first loss of the season. It was an upset of monumental proportions. 96 points must be the magic number for Fort Wayne because both of their victories came when they posted that score. This team still has not scored more than 100 points this season.
12 (11) ATL 0-5 50.96 The Jesters are still losing and now the losing streak is up to 6 when you count their Fantasy Bowl loss. How bad is it? Odell Beckham broke his ankle and was lost for the season, Big Ben threw 5 INT's, and the patriots defense, who were first off the board, has scored 24 points for the season. Atlanta is in shambles.

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