2017 Power Rankings - Week 5

Rank (LW) Logo Team Record Rating Comment
1 (1) ANC 3-1 105.03 The Ice Knights lost the battle of undefeated teams. They lost more than a game, they lost Dalvin Cook for the season after he suffered a torn ACL. All of a sudden, Anchorage is not the once unstoppable force. Melvin Gordon is affected by injury contributing 2 points and Jason Witten put up a goose egg for the second straight week.
2 (3) LA 3-1 95.49 The Bombers destoryed the Pistons by 74 points giving them their second victory of the season by at least 66 points. LA has scored 158, 124, and 133 in their victories. This week's success came from Jameis Winston's 40 points. He's getting better every week throwing 1 TD in week 2, 2 TD's in week 3, and 3 TD's in week 4. Is 4 TD's in his future?
3 (2) DEN 4-0 92.20 The Diamonds won the battle of undefeated teams to remain the only undefeated team in the league. This team does not have the feel of undefeated. If you take their week 2 score of 135 out, then this team is averaging 99 points per game. Denver can thank Travis Kelce for his 27-point day on MNF to overcome the 20-point deficit.
4 (4) SD 3-1 91.92 The Surge are flying under the radar no more. San Diego is currently riding a 3-game winning streak and has increased their score every week this year. Todd Gurley continues to put up amazing point total with his latest edition of 42 points. Their Seahawks defense turned in the league's second highest score with a 20 point game.
5 (10) CHI 1-3 86.95 The Triumph prevailed for their first win of the season. They put up 147 points which was tied for the highest point total. Bilal Powell blew up for a 34-point week because he took one to the house from 75 yards. With Greg Olsen out, Devin Funchess capitalized and erupted for 2 TD's while his FFL replalcemnt Charles Clay had over 100 receiving yards.
6 (9) SF 2-2 80.87 The Rattlesnakes were the only team to score 147 points for the week. They did it with some fresh blood in Deshaun Watson. The rookie still has great momentum after winning a national championship at Clemson. Watson was 1 point shy of the 50 point mark. Le'Veon Bell had his first monster day of the season gonig for 45 points.
7 (5) ND 2-2 78.88 The Nimrods suffered a defeat at the hands of a winless team. For the second straight week, North Dakota flirted with triple digits but failed to reach that plateau. DeAndre Hopkins shined with a 10 reception, 100 yards receiving, 1 touchdown day. His counterpart, Antonio Brown, was throwing a tantrem on the sidelines knocking over Gatorade coolers.
8 (6) DET 1-3 74.34 The defending champs have now lost 3 straight games. Detroit occupies the last playoff spot which means they could relinquish their crown before the playoffs even start. The Devils had a pair of 30-point days from Rivers and Elliott, which was not enough to overtake San Diego. Next up is the #9 Triumph in the standings.
9 (7) TB 3-1 72.15 The Blizzard has a 3-1 record with a negative plus/minus. Tampa Bay kept their streak of mediocrity going with their third straight game in the 90's. They should be feel lucky that they won 2 of those 3 games. Brees led the way with 30 points entertaining the English crowd. Houston defense scored 20 points, which forced 5 turnovers.
10 (8) SH 1-3 58.83 The Hooligans have scored less and less every week. They mustered only 62 points this past week. Ty Montgomery was knocked out of the game with broken ribs. His future is uncertain which is a bad thing. Matt Prater's streak of consecutive field goals made from over 50 came to an end as he missed from 60 yards in Minnesota.
11 (12) ATL 0-4 54.66 Welcome to Atlanta. Home of the last winless team in the league. The Jesters who have been to 3 straight finals may not have the opportunity for 4 straight. Things are not getting better either after Chris Carson went down. He'll be out for the year due to a broken ankle. Adding to the garbage, Big Ben was the only player to score a TD for the Jesters.
12 (11) FW 1-3 50.53 The bottom of the barrel is Fort Wayne. They turned in the lowest score of the year with a 59 point outing. They are the only team in the league to not score over 100 points in at least one week. For the season, their running backs have scored 43 points. Jimmy Graham contributed 6 points to bring the TE season total up to 7.

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