2017 Power Rankings - Week 4

Rank (LW) Logo Team Record Rating Comment
1 (1) ANC 3-0 121.47 The Ice Knights are light years ahead of every team in the league with 22 point EJ ratings better than the second best team in the league. Anyone who scored points for Anchorage scored double digits (sorry Witten and Baltimore D). Wilson won POTW with 54 points and their purple duo of Cook and Diggs combined for 71 points.
2 (2) DEN 3-0 98.96 The Diamonds may be undefeated but it mostly has to do with how pathetic their opponents have been. Denver's PA is 220 points which is 54 points less than the second best PA. For the past 2 weeks, their opposition has scored 69 points. But they did get 43 from Rodgers and 35 from Fitzgerald to lead the way.
3 (6) LA 2-1 97.32 The Bombers had another good week thanks to Karim Hunt again. The rookie has gone for 54, 22, and 34 points for the season. The 110 point total leads all players except for Tom Brady. Meanwhile, LA's first round draft pick, Jordan Howard, was benched and his 41 point day was squandered.
4 (10) SD 2-1 89.26 The Surge started off the week on Thursday Night Football with a bang and didn't look back. Todd Gurley had a huge night that included over 100 yards rushing, 3TD's and 33 touches which added up to 47 points. San Diego could have scored 56 more points if they started Cousins and Hilton.
5 (5) ND 2-1 88.40 The Nimrods failed to break into triple digits but did manage to be victorious for the second straight week. Derek Carr has struggled this season and failed to break 10 points this week and 30 points for the season. Antonio Brown for the second time this season had a 10 reception day and over 100 yards.
6 (7) DET 1-2 78.36 The champs are slowly losing their grip on their championship reign. The Devils had more turnovers (4) than touchdowns (2) in week 3. Philip Rivers was a distaster throwing 3 INT's with 0 TD's. Both running backs had bounce back weeks going from 5 to 41 points.
7 (3) TB 2-1 75.63 The Blizzard has been a consistent mediocre team. They average 96 points a game with their best week of 101 in week 1 and worst week of 91 in week 3. Add it up, Tampa Bay is trending in the wrong direction. A.J. Green finally broke through and busted out for 32 points.
8 (4) SH 1-2 73.60 The Hooligans started off the season with a promising win, but now has dropped two in a row. They failed to score more than 100 points in both losses. Sterling Heights' best player might be their kicker. Matt Prater has made 6 field goals this year with 4 of them coming from at least 55 yards.
9 (8) SF 1-2 65.45 The Rattlesnakes took a butt whoopin'. San Fran's first three picks in the draft (Le'Veon Bell, Gronk, and Doug Baldwin) did quite well scoring 75. As for the rest of the team, it was an awful showing with 20 points. Two years after his MVP season, Cam Newton has scored 40 points in 3 weeks.
10 (11) CHI 0-3 63.74 The Triumph could not capitalize on another 50 point week from Brady. Dropping Sammy Watkins for Devin Funchess proved to be a bad move. Kerwynn Williams, who had 1 total carry, got the nod over Chris Thompson who went for 150 receiving yards.
11 (12) FW 1-2 60.98 The Pistons picked up their first win of the season by taking down the defending champs. There were three guys that won it for Fort Wayne: Jordy Nelson, Brandin Cooks, and Matthew Stafford. The trio accounted for 84 points of the team's 95 points. FW's RB's combined for 2 points.
12 (9) ATL 0-3 59.84 The Jesters are one of two winless teams after 3 weeks. Atlanta scored 69 points, their lowest total since Week 3 of 2016 where they scored 65 points. Their backfield was inefficient combining for 6 points on 25 carries. The only positive thing was that OBJ scored twice and celebrating by peeing like a dog.

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