2023 Power Rankings - Week 4

Rank (LW) Logo Team Record Rating Comment
1 (1) ND 2-1 123.78 The Nimrods overcame two miserable performances from Derrick Henry and Tee Higgins. Those guys combined for 6 points. But ND some great things with Tua going for 44 points pacing the Dolphins to a 70 point scoring total. Walker and Adams each had 2 TDs and combined for 81 points to finish with 158 points for the week.
2 (6) FW 2-1 123.14 The Pistons came 1 point short of hitting the 200 barrier. Mostert got things going when he found the endzone 4 times. The Buffalo Bills defense circled the wagons many times and accounted for 30 points. Travis Kelce even got in on the action scoring a TD for Taylor Swift who was present for the game in KC.
3 (5) LAB 3-0 108.92 The Bombers are undefeated through three games. It was a left and right hook that carried LA to victory this week. First Lamar ran like the dickens going over 100 yards rushing and 2 TDs. Then Keenan Allen had a knockout blow with a 18 catch, 200+ yard receiving day with a 49 yard TD pass to cap it off.
4 (3) TB 3-0 104.99 The Blizzard is the other undefeated team and this week they finally had a comfortable win. The only person not to have a double digit day was Njoku at tight end. THe wideouts of Jefferson and Olave showed out with a 55 point performance. But one huge cause for concern is that Fields has yet to go over 20 points.
5 (2) CTR 1-2 101.68 The Triumph was the third highest scoring team in league but lost. They only have 1 win to show for despite having a 73% win percentage versus the entire league. Chicago got off to a hot start with McCaffery and Samuel going off for 58 points on TNF. They did make a change at QB and cooked with Wilson for 24 points.
6 (4) SH 1-2 101.43 The champs have now lost two straight games. Perhaps the magic is over in Sterling Heights. They fell 4 points short and needed one more carry from James Conner or Rachaad White to get a rushing bonus to flip the outcome of the game. SH has been so consistent this year scoring in the 120s for every contest.
7 (7) DEN 2-1 95.00 The Diamonds have won two straight games after starting in last place to start the season. There was a lot of second guessing for who to start, but ultimately they got the call right going with Amari Cooper who had a 29 point week. In case you haven't noticed, Kirk Cousins has scored 128 points this season to lead all QBs.
8 (9) SF 2-1 91.24 The Rattlesnakes have been snake bitten this year and somehow they have two victories. They knocked off the defending champs by 4 points. Simply looking at the stats, the difference was that Dak had 25 completions and James Cook had 15 carries. If it wasn't for a 3 point loss last week, this team would be undeafeated.
9 (8) SD 1-2 81.75 The Surge have lost their mojo over the last past 2 weeks dropping both games. Jalen Hurts simply doesn't have the jaw dropping stats this year like he did last year. At this point last year, he had a 121 points compared to 66 points. Ja'Marr Chase finally broke the 8 point days erupted for 31 points.
10 (11) ATL 0-3 75.02 The Jesters have started the season at 0-3 for only the second time in their career. The other time it was in 2017 and they lost their first 5 games en route to a Toilet Bowl championship. Atlanta traded for Geno Smith and he fell short of two bonuses to finish with 20 points. For the season, the QBs have scored 58 points.
11 (12) ANA 0-3 67.97 The Commando Cats may not have found the win column this year but they are coming off a season best of 115 points. Despite Jacksonville having a bad day at the office, the trio of Jags (Etienne, Kirk, and Engram) faired reasonable well combining for 50 points. Jason Myers was on his game going 5 for 5 on FG's.
12 (10) DET 1-2 63.55 The Devils are struggling mightily. They desperately need Austin Ekeler to come back from injury. In the last two weeks without him, Detroit has scored 143 points combined. In Week 2, the team didn't record a TD. It didn't get much better in Week 3 with T. Law accounting for the only touchdown.

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