2023 Power Rankings - Week 3

Rank (LW) Logo Team Record Rating Comment
1 (6) ND 1-1 N/A The Nimrods have already overcome the disadvantage of having a bad draft draw. Five of their starters scored over 20 points and that didn't include their QB. North Dakota had the second highest score with 155 points and a whopping 94 point victory.
2 (7) CTR 1-1 N/A The Triumph easily picked up their first win and was the high scorer for the week. If you remember back to last year, they blew out the Surge to win the Root Beer Bowl with Mike Evans going off. He was good for 34 points this go around.
3 (3) TB 2-0 N/A The Blizzard may be undefeated but they squeaked by again. Through the first two games, they have a plus-minus of +4. Jefferson did his thing making 11 catches. Fields had another disappointing game and has yet to break 20 points this season.
4 (1) SH 1-1 N/A The champs suffered their first loss dating back to last season. They did enough to win with 6 starters scoring a TD ending the week with 8 total. Josh Allen shook off the rust and returned to form finding the endzone 3 times with no turnovers.
5 (11) LAB 2-0 N/A The Bombers are undefeated with both wins coming within the division. They couldn't have started the season any better. This time LA had a pretty decent day of work with 141 points. They may have a conundrum however, which defense to start, SF or Dal?
6 (8) FW 1-1 N/A The Pistons looked good and had some pretty huge contributors. Their QB and RBs combined for 98 points which nearly outscored their oppoenent. This was the debut for Travis Kelce who had a slow week but scored a TD to finish with 12 points.
7 (9) DEN 1-1 N/A The Diamonds rode two horses to their first W of the season. Couins went for 50 points to set the tone. Saquon followed that up with a 31 point week to win POTW. But it came at a price as Barkley was injuried and will be lost for at least a week.
8 (2) SD 1-1 N/A The Surge had their horses going early in the week with Hurts, Smith, and Elliott playing on TNF. Collectively, the trio did well going for 69 points. But Sunday was not kind to the rest of the team with only Stevenson scoring more than 10 points.
9 (5) SF 1-1 N/A The Rattlesnakes lost the game and a whole lot more. Nick Chubb suffered a serious knee injury and was well on his way to having a huge night. He ended the night with 6 points and San Fran lost by 3 points. The actual difference was a FG miss by Tucker.
10 (4) DET 1-1 N/A The Devils looked awful and that is being kind. Detroit had a 61 point week and nearly lost by 100 points. Nobody scored a TD and nobody had a bonus. Their kicker was 1 point from being their top scorer with 12 points and he even missed an XP.
11 (10) ATL 0-2 N/A The Jesters have yet to win and actually regressed from the previous week. Bijan Robinson proved that he was worth the hype at the draft scoring 30 points. But Deshaun Watson struggled a lot turning the ball over 3 times ending with 15 points.
12 (12) ANA 0-2 N/A The Commando Cats took a step forward but ultimately lost the game. Patrick Mahomes played much better and had a 38 point day. But the Anaheim running game was atrocious with the tandem combining for 5 points and Dalvin Cook went for negative points.

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