2017 Power Rankings - Week 2

Rank (LW) Logo Team Record Rating Comment
1 (4) ANC 1-0 N/A The Ice Knights needed patience to get through the week. 6 of their guys played on Monday night with only Wilson and Doyle playing on Sunday during the 4 o'clock games. Dalvin Cook appears to be the real deal as he had over 100 yards rushing with 25 touches.
2 (7) SH 1-0 N/A The Hooligans got answers for their unpredictable RB situation. Sterling Heights found another dynamic rookie running back as Fournette had 100+ rushing yards and a touchdown. Montgomery who is a wideout playing running back contributed 19 points for the win.
3 (8) TB 1-0 N/A The Blizzard came from behind to beat the Pistons thanks to Drew Brees. He captalized in the time of the game that is known as garbage time. Brees picked up a passing bonus for completions and a TD when the outcome of the game was all but certain.
4 (10) LA 1-0 N/A The Bombers crushed it in week 1. It didn't seem like that would have been the case to start the week. LA was forced to pick up another QB because Winston's game was canceled due to Hurricane Irma. They also turned to a rookie RB after Ware went down. That duo of Bradford and Hunt scored 99 points.
5 (2) DEN 1-0 N/A The Diamonds won to open the season but they did it with no pizzazz. Aaron Rodgers was bottled up for most of the game but was good enough to finish with 31 points. Denver came out of the gates quickly which saw their defense intercept Stafford and take it to the house for an 8-point play.
6 (12) DET 1-0 N/A The luck is continuing for the champs. Not only did they start off the season with a win but they got terrific news how long Ezekiel Elliott was going to be suspended for. It dropped from 6 games to 0. He rewarded the Devils with nearly a 30 point week.
7 (1) CHI 0-1 N/A For the second consecutive year, the Triumph lost their first round draft pick very early in the year. This time it was the #1 overall pick David Johnson who will be lost for 2 to 3 months. To make matters worse, no one in their starting lineup scored a single touchdown.
8 (9) ND 0-1 N/A It is obvious that North Dakota's wideouts will carry this team. Antonio Brown and DeAndre Hopkins combined to score 49 points. The running game on the other hand is a big question mark. Carlos Hyde and Danny Woodhead scored 15 points but Woodhead went down with a significant injury.
9 (3) SF 0-1 N/A San Francisco was the lowest scoring team to open the season with 69 points. Cam Newton led the way with 18 points which is nothing to brag about. Next best was their defense who actually had a nice 17 point week. As for the rest, Mark Ingram was the only starter to get a bonus.
10 (11) FW 0-1 N/A The trade on draft day was a two edge sword for the Pistons. On the positive side, Stafford stepped up his game and had a 42 point week with 4 TD's. On the negative side, Jimmy Graham posted a goose egg. Had they started Jason Witten, they would have won by 13 points.
11 (5) ATL 0-1 N/A The Jesters looked more like a team of backups than what they had in mind at the draft. Atlanta had their top 2 draft picks on the bench. Odell Beckham was nursing a bum ankle and was ruled out. Jay Ajayi did not play due to Hurricane Irma threatening the Miami area.
12 (6) SD 0-1 N/A The Surge ran into a buzzsaw to open the season. San Diego probably expected more from Freeman who scored 9 points but must have been delighted to see Gurley turn in a 25 point week with 24 touches. And after one week, the Washington connection of Cousins to Pryor netted 24 points.

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