2023 Power Rankings - Week 2

Rank (LW) Logo Team Record Rating Comment
1 (4) SH 1-0 N/A The champs beat the champs from the previous year. Unlike last year, the prevoius champ waited until week 12 to ge their first victory. An old face from last year (Tyreek) scored 54 points to win POTW honors. The Hooligans had the weekly high with a suprisingly low 129 points.
2 (5) SD 1-0 N/A The Surge pulled off an unexpected comeback and they can thank their defense for sealing the deal. It looked like an inevitable loss coming into the Monday night contest down 13 points with the NYJ D taking on the Bills offense. But 4 turnovers later with a TD and San Diego took to the streets to celebrate.
3 (9) TB 1-0 N/A The Blizzard had an exciting way to earn their first victory of the season. Kickers do matter in this league and Tampa has a kicker to priase. Insert Tyler Bass. With a chance to send the game to OT, he doinked a 50 yarder off the upright and through. The Blizzard beat the Jesters by one point.
4 (10) DET 1-0 N/A The Devils had the luxary of playing the Commando Cats who hadn't been in the league in 18 years. It was a simple victory as Detroit still had all of his chips from the best draft draw. The Devils took Ekeler and Diggs with their first 2 picks. They crushed it for week 1 and those guys combined for 66 points.
5 (7) SF 1-0 N/A The Rattlesnakes won despite not having their second round pick (Cooper Kupp) available. San Fran had an impressive 1-2 punch at RB with Chubb and Jones each having 26 point days. Dak didn't get a whole lot of work in despite the Cowboys going for 40 points. He only finished with 7 points.
6 (6) ND 0-1 N/A The Nimrods were on the wrong end of a game that was in their favor the whole week. Tua kicked things off and passed for 466 yards, 3TDs, and ended the day with 46 points. Derrick Henry got his expected 15 carries in a game but never found the endzone. But nobody did either and Tee Higgins was shutout.
7 (1) CTR 0-1 N/A The Triumph had everyone play during the 1pm games. Christian McCaffrey set the tone leading the way with 35 points. Hockenson led the tight end group but with just 11 points. Joe Burrow on the other hand was inefficient on all levels throwing 3 more incompletions than completions to finish with 4 points.
8 (2) FW 0-1 N/A It's a free fall for the Pistons after just the first week. Not one of their starters had a yardage or usage bonus. Half of their first rounds pick played, with Kelce sitting out opening TNF. At least the first rounder (Tony Pollard)that did play performed decently to the tune of 22 points.
9 (3) DEN 0-1 N/A If it weren't for unwritten rules, then the Diamonds would be at #12 in the power rankings. They were the lowest scoring team with 79 points. How could they be so bad? Well, Cousins was the only player to score more than 13 points. But the garbage of garbage was Graham Gano who had a -2 point night.
10 (11) ATL 0-1 N/A Ouch. That was heartbreaking to lose a game in that fashion to a kicker. Atlanta was the third highest scoring team with 124 points. It could be easy enough to blame their tight end who was shut out or anyone else. The Jesters had TD's scored by their QB, both RBs, and both WRs.
11 (8) LAB 1-0 N/A Despite getting a victory, the Bombers moved down the rankings. They won their game despite not breaking the 100 point barrier. It left me with a bad taste. Maybe that was from when J.K. Dobbins tore his achilles to end his season. Or the fact they started the wrong defense after Dallas D had a 35 point night.
12 (12) ANA 0-1 N/A The Commando Cats are back? You might remember me from such teams as the Mongtomery Burns, the Boston Massacre, or the Manhattan Express. In their first game since 2005, Anaheim shook a lot of rust off but ultimately lost. Mahomes didn't have his best stuff on TNF scoring only 25 points in a loss to the Lions.

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