2017 Power Rankings - Week 15

Rank (LW) Logo Team Record Rating Comment
1 (1) ANC 9-5 93.65 The Ice Knights captured a divisional crown for their fourth overall divisional title. The have the script to go from worst to first. The last time Anchorage was in the playoffs, they won it all in 2015, so they could go from first to worst to first. The Ice Knights also begin the post season as the highest scoring team averaging 121 points.
2 (2) SF 8-6 88.32 The Rattlesnakes drew the #5 seed which historically is bad. The #5 seed has never won a title. The #5 seed has never reached a finals. The #5 seed has only been to the semifinals 6 times. San Francisco has not won the title in 20 years! Throw a jinx onto a curse and what do you get?
3 (5) LA 7-7 83.34 The Bombers won the White division (their second divisional title in 2 year) with a 7-7 record. Don't let the record fool you because this team has lead the league in weekly scoring 3 times. LA has a monkey on their back. They have only 1 playoff win which came in 2010. This marks their 4th time in the playoffs in 11 years.
4 (3) ND 7-7 82.26 The Nimrods are in after making the playoffs for the fourth time in 5 years. Last year they found success as they won their first round matchup as the #8 seed only to lose to the eventual champion. But they enter this year's tournament on a 4-game winning streak and so does their opening round opponent.
5 (6) TB 10-4 78.06 The Blizzard missed out on a divisional crown with a 10-4 record, so they will settle for the #4 seed. The #4 seed has won the title 5 times including last year. Tampa Bay does not have a good playoff record with a 8-13 mark with their only title coming in 2000 as a rookie. The only other time they made the finals was in 2009.
6 (4) SD 10-4 77.55 The Surge snapped their 3-game losing streak and more importantly secured a divisional championship and top seed for the second straight year. Last year things did not go so well as they lost in the opening round. They may lose this year too because they are 1-point underdogs to the #8 seed.
7 (7) SH 7-7 70.14 The Hooligans are the hardest team to gauge this post season. They have scored as many as 169 or as low as 61. They enter as the #8 seed but as history shows, the #8 seed has 4 wins versus the #1 seed. Sterling Heights has found some success in the post season by making the semifinals in their last two attempts.
8 (8) DET 5-9 68.13 The defending champs have officially relinquished their crown. Their bid at back-to-back championships is over after not making the playoff field. Back in 2000, Detroit made it to the finals as the defending champs only to lose there. It's time to move on and continue their post season winning streak which is at 4 games.
9 (11) DEN 7-7 62.21 The Diamonds missed out on a divisional title after losing to Los Angeles in a high scoring affair. It was their highest score of the year with 138 points. The loss means that Denver's divisional championship drought will last at least one more year, their most recent title coming in 2012. Up next, the same Bomber team they just played.
10 (9) ATL 5-9 60.80 The Jesters failed to make the playoff which means that they won't have the opportunity to try to make a third consecutive final. Atlanta last missed the playoffs in 2014, where they completed a perfect post season run. The Jesters have had at least 2 wins in the postseason except once since 2006 with 3 perfect post seasons.
11 (10) FW 6-8 58.22 The Pistons missed out on the playoffs for the second consecutive season. They have missed the playoffs in 8 of their 16 seasons. 5 of the previous 7 times they missed, they ended up playing in the Toilet Bowl. Fort Wayne has won 4 of 5 Toilet Bowl including last year.
12 (12) CHI 3-11 54.70 The Triumph have tied their franchise record for the most losses in a season and they have 3 games left. Chicago has one thing going for them, they have won at least one post season game in every season for 20 seasons. This is their first time missing out on the playoffs in back-to-back years.

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