2023 Power Rankings - Week 14

Rank (LW) Logo Team Record Rating Comment
1 (1) CTR 9-4 104.18 The Triumph knocked off the Blizzard where each team put a winning streak of at least 4 on the line. The victory pushes Chicago's win streak to 5 and keeps the shot at the #1 overall seed alive (I like that rhyme!). Deebo Samuel put up a 40 point day won and won by that amount to take the POTW honors.
2 (2) SH 8-5 101.19 The champs have to be wondering what it would take to win again. For the second straight week, the Hooligans were involved in a high scoring affair and they ended up on the losing side. They scored 169 points in the week prior and scored 156 points this time around. The loss prevents them from winning the White division.
3 (3) LAB 9-4 93.93 The Bombers lost to the Diamonds for their first divisional loss. A victory would have guaranteed them at least the #2 seed, and would have essentially locked up the top overall seed. LA is looking for the #1 overall seed for the second time since 2019. But the one time they did make the finals in 2017, they were the #3 seed.
4 (4) FW 7-6 90.79 The Pistons came up 6 points short versus North Dakota to setup a week 14 showdown with Tampa Bay to play for a divisonal championship. They've come a long way from last year and have 7 wins to their credit. Last year they ended the regular season with 3 wins. As it stands now, they are the unlucky 5 seed.
5 (5) SD 7-6 88.58 The Surge had an impressive showing over the defending champs to give them a spot in the playoffs. Make that 3 years in a row, and 7 out of 8 years of making the playoffs. San Diego has gone over 160 points in back-to-back weeks. They are currently the #7 seed and certainly no #2 seed wants to face that kind of offensive firepower.
6 (7) DEN 7-6 82.12 The Diamonds narrow victory over the top seed not only gave them confidence for a playoff push, but they secured a playoff berth. Denver currently sits at the #6 seed but they could finish the regular season anywhere from #4 to #8. They have a record of 1-3 versus divisional champions and 2-1 versus the other teams if they make the 4-5 matchup.
7 (6) TB 9-4 80.99 The Blizzard saw their winning streak of 5 end at the hands of the Triumph. It was a pretty poor day at the office, but Tampa Bay managed to win the Blue division. On the eve of the playoffs, they have little momentum having not scored more 100 points. But Justin Jefferson is scheduled to return for Week 14.
8 (8) SF 6-7 79.02 The Rattlesnakes went off! They are a part of a special group of teams that have scored more than 200 points ending the week with 201 points. They become the first and only team to have broken the 200 point barrier twice. Despite the historic week, they still have some work to secure the final playoff spot.
9 (11) ND 4-9 69.18 The playoff streak is over for the Nimrods. The playoff streak ends at 8. North Dakota may have snapped their 4 game losing streak, but it was too little too late. You can't expect to make the playoffs with two separate 4 game losing streaks. The Nimrods have now missed the playoffs just twice in their 11-year existance.
10 (9) DET 5-8 68.29 The Devils picked up a huge victory against the Jesters to keep their playoff hopes alive. It will set up a showdown with San Francisco to get that last playoff spot. But not only must they win, they must outscore them by 55 points. And they must do that potentially without a QB after T-Law and Pickett went down.
11 (10) ATL 3-10 66.24 The Jesters' dismal season continued after losing to the Devils by 4 points. They have a clinched a spot in the loser goes to the Toilet Bowl in Week 15 already. And then if they win that, they have to win in Week 16 if they want to avoid the Toilet Bowl altogether. The Jesters lost for the 10th time.
12 (12) ANA 4-9 62.61 The Commando Cats were on the other side of a historic beating by the Rattlesnakes losing 201 to 96. Perhaps it was a form of initiation rejoining the league after an 18 year hiatus, facing the top 3 scores this year of 201, 199, and 191. The loss guarantees that Anaheim will have a losing season.

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