2017 Power Rankings - Week 14

Rank (LW) Logo Team Record Rating Comment
1 (1) ANC 8-5 93.36 The Ice Knights have some good momentum on the eve of the regular season finale. Anchorage had a debacle in weeks 9 and 10 losing to Chicago and Atlanta, but since then they have looked like a championship team. They have knocked off 3 playoff teams in a row while averaging 135 points. They control their fate as to winning the Blue division.
2 (2) SF 8-5 88.62 The whispers must start up again that this could be the year where San Francisco finally wins it all. It has been 20 long years since raising the trophy (it didn't exist back then) as they have put themselves in a position to take it all. Winners of 5 straight, the Rattlesnakes need to move up in seeding because the #5 seed has never won the gold.
3 (5) ND 6-7 81.80 The Nimrods have made a strong bid for the playoffs with their third straight victory. This team is simply on fire averaging 141 points in their last 4 games. If North Dakota wins this week, they will make the playoffs for 4 out of their 5 years in the league. Last year they were able to pick up their first playoff victory as the #8 seed, which is where they currently stand.
4 (3) SD 9-4 79.78 The Surge are in a funk on the eve of the playoffs. They have lost 3 straight games and cannot pick up win #10. If they win this week, they will become the #1 seed for the second consecutive year. However, last year they saw a first round exit. San Diego has not broken 100 points in their last 4 games after having a 6-game stretch where they did.
5 (4) LA 6-7 79.39 The Bombers have lost 3 straight games to put their post season hopes on hold. LA is looking to make it to back-to-back playoffs for the second time ever. They may even win back-to-back divisional championships if they can defeat Denver. This week can literally make or break them, they can go as high as the #3 seed or as low as the #11 seed.
6 (6) TB 9-4 77.09 The Blizzard had their best week of the year scoring 131 points, but lost by 6 points. The difference was that McCoy needed 7 more rushing yards or Ebron catch a 2 yard pass. Regardless, they still remain in a tie for the Red Division but they lose the tiebreaker with San Diego. Tampa Bay will be on the top side of the bracket no matter what.
7 (7) SH 6-7 70.45 The Hooligans had a 90 point drop off from the previous week. As you might have guessed, they lost this past week. Julio Jones went from a 58 point day to a 2 point day. Tyrod Taylor got his starting job back but put up 4 points. And then Matt Prater missed a field goal and an extra point. Sterling Heights will clinch a playoff spot with a win vs SF.
8 (8) DET 5-8 69.07 The champs are on the outside looking in with one week to go. The Devils have lost 4 straight games and because of it, they don't control their own fate. Detroit has broken 100 points once in the last 5 games and has yet to win since Elliott started serving his suspension. His replacement Alfred Morris put up Zeke-like numbers with a 28 point day.
9 (10) ATL 5-8 61.71 The Jesters are still hanging on to their playoffs hopes with another impressive win. For only the second time this season, they have scored over 100 points in consecutive weeks. This time however, they scored 281 points compared to 224 points. Atlanta needs to win first and then root for favorable chaos. They last missed the playoffs in 2014.
10 (9) FW 6-7 60.42 The Pistons are the odd team out with 1 week to go. They are one of two teams (Chicago being the other) to never be in the top 8 in the standings at any point during the season. Unfortunately, they do not control their own fate and will need either LA, SH, or ND to lose. Fort Wayne wants to avoid missing the playoffs for a second straight year.
11 (12) DEN 7-6 58.99 After beating Chicago, the Denver Diamonds clinched a spot in the playoffs and now have the most all-time wins with 189. This year's team is very reminiscent of the 2001 Manitoba Mealanders who went 9-4 and won their division despite averaging 81 points. This Denver squad averages 88 points and at best can go 8-6.
12 (11) CHI 3-10 55.57 The Chicago Triumph are officially eliminated from making this year's playoff field. It is their first time in franchise history where they missed the playoffs in consecutive seasons. It also marks their fourth time ever missing the playoffs. Since changing their name to the Triumph, they are 0-2 for making the playoffs.

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