2017 Power Rankings - Week 12

Rank (LW) Logo Team Record Rating Comment
1 (2) ANC 6-5 91.06 The Ice Knights picked up a crucial win to re-assert themselves as the leaders in the Blue. They silenced the critics after having a two game stretch losing to the league's two worst teams. Anchorage had a defensive explosion with the Chargers scoring 25 points and their back-up D (Baltimore) scoring 26 points.
2 (4) SF 6-5 87.60 The Rattlesnakes now own the league's longest winning streak at 3 games. They are the second highest scoring team in the league and they should be feared nowadays. They have averaged 136 points during their win streak. Since starting Mark Ingram in week 8, he has averaged 25 points.
3 (3) LA 6-5 84.53 The Bombers lost a tough game after scoring 118 points. Their previous loss came when they scored 111 points. There is a trend that is happening, each loss is coming as they score more points each week. Travis Kelce made his debut in week 11 after joining the team in week 9.
4 (1) SD 9-2 84.27 The winning streak is over. It was clear that the Surge were starting to get some chinks in the armor. Devonta Freeman did not play but Dion Lewis filled in admirable contributing 14 points. San Diego lost because their kicker entered concussion protocall after helping to make a tackle. He finished with 0 points and SD lost by 9.
5 (7) ND 4-7 76.87 The Nimrods snapped their 4-game losing streak with their best week of the season with 147 points. They started the week off with Antonio Brown going off for 47 points, the highest for a WR this year. North Dakota is still looking for answers at tight end. Clay scored 2 points to bring their 4-week tight end total to 5 points.
6 (6) TB 9-2 75.49 The Blizzard clinched a playoff spot with their best week of the season with 128 points. Drew Brees looked like vintage Drew Brees scoring 39 points which earned him the Player of the Week. LeSean McCoy ran for 100 yards and had 2 touchdowns despite his QB throwing for 5 INT's.
7 (5) DET 5-6 69.86 The defending champs look very vulnerable these days. 2 weeks without Ezekiel Elliott and 2 losses. They have gone 3 straight weeks without getting into triple digits. They haven't had a point from their tight end for the last 3 games despite averaging 14 points for the first 8 weeks.
8 (8) SH 5-6 67.24 The Hooligans came up one point short from their defense of having everyone on their starting roster scoring 10+ points. No team has accomplished that feat this season. Matt Ryan led the team in scoring with 22 points for the week and Fournette was the only other player to score at least 20.
9 (9) DEN 6-5 62.76 Denver knocked off the team with the longest winning streak to pull even with Los Angeles in the White division. They haven't had a share of the divisional lead since week 7. In the last 6 weeks, the best score any Diamond has scored for a week is 32 points by Larry Fitzgerald in Week 6.
10 (10) CHI 3-8 61.63 The Triumph finally won a game where they weren't the high score for the week. In fact, they didn't even score 100 points falling one point short. Atlanta laid an egg with 65 points. The previous worst they faced was 94 points. It was the fourth time this season where their opponent scored under 100 points.
11 (12) FW 4-7 58.58 The Pistons took another beating at the hands of a hot opponent. It is their second straight week where they faced the highest scoring team. That means their opponents have scored 308 points against them despite posting 224 respectable points. Gostkowski joined the 60+ yard field goal club as he booted a 62 yarder in Mexico City.
12 (11) ATL 3-8 53.38 Atlanta lost the battle of the worst teams by 34 points. The loss means they are once again the worst team in the league. It looks like this team won't make finals for a fourth consecutive time, let alone the playoffs. They only have 3 playoff bound teams to finish the regular season who have a combined 23-10 record.

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