2022 Power Rankings - Week 12

Rank (LW) Logo Team Record Rating Comment
1 (2) TB 9-2 114.07 Tampa Bay is a lot like turkey. They should be the main course of Thanksgiving because they are the highest scoring team by 62 points. The Blizzard are cooking up a plan to finally end their 22 year championship drought.
2 (1) ATL 8-3 104.95 Atlanta is a lot like leftovers. They were once great, but now they are just okay. For the first 8 weeks of the season they averaged 151 points, but 107 points over the past 3 weeks. But they were good enough to clinch the Red division.
3 (3) SH 9-2 104.40 Sterling Heights is a lot like butter. Winners of 6 straight games, yes, the Hooligans are on a roll, and you put butter on a roll. A win this week vs North Dakota will give them the White divisional title, their first since 2016.
4 (4) CTR 7-4 99.22 Chicago is a lot like mashed potatoes. They are a staple and will always be in the mix. Despite losing this past week, the Triumph have 7 wins and it's just a matter of time before they qualify for their 22nd playoff.
5 (6) ND 7-4 93.32 North Dakota is a lot like pecan pie. You may not have like them to start off, but now they are enjoyable. The Nimrods started off the season 0-3 but have gone 7-1 since. They clinched a playoff berth for the 8th straight year.
6 (5) SD 6-5 90.12 San Diego is a lot like gravy. They have smothered some divisional rivals going for 196 points in week 2 vs Chicago and 176 points in week 8 vs Tampa Bay. The Surge have a plus/minus of +159 despite being 1-game above .500.
7 (7) DEN 4-7 76.66 Denver is a lot like a dinner salad. If you don't dress it up, they aren't good. Joe Mixon had a colossal 64 point day (and carryover) that accounted for half of their season's wins. The Diamonds currently hold the coveted last playoff spot.
8 (8) SF 6-5 74.33 San Francisco is a lot like green bean casserole. They can be great or just mush. They have 2 games of scoring over 150+ points but they have 4 games where scored under 90 points. The Snakes have a 3 game winning and losing streak.
9 (9) ANC 3-8 73.65 Anchorage is a lot like canned cranberries. They don't tickle your fancy but you are always willing to give it a chance. The Knights escaped an upset from the league's only winless team but it was their highest score this season.
10 (10) DET 4-7 66.41 Detroit is a lot like corn pudding. I don't know what it is and I don't know what this team is. Davante Adams would definitely be the pudding, but the rest of the team is just bland corn. The Devils just picked up their first divisional win.
11 (12) FW 0-11 59.05 Fort Wayne is a lot like the guy that carves the turkey. He doesn't eat first, always last. The Pistons are in last cannot make the playoffs. They are one loss away from joining the 2006 San Diego Surge for the worst start ever at 0-12.
12 (11) LAB 3-8 57.09 Los Angeles is a lot like the gizzards. Gross, disgusting, and should be in the garbage. The Bombers are the league's lowest scoring team averaging 93 points. They have scored under 100 points 7 times this season with a season best of 124 points.

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