2023 Power Rankings - Week 12

Rank (LW) Logo Team Record Rating Comment
1 (1) CTR 7-4 99.96 The Triumph picked up a crucial divisional win to maintain a 2 game lead on gthe Red division. The win came at a huge price because Joe Burrow had a season ending injury to his right wrist. There has been speculation that he was hurt prior to the game because there was a picture of him arriving to the game with a brace on. Burrow exited the game with 11 points.
2 (2) SH 8-3 98.14 The champs got back to winning and easily dispatched the Commando Cats. It was the sixth time this season where Sterling Heights' opponent failed to score more than 100 points. It was a pretty sloppy game for the Hooligans as three starters had a turnover. Josh Allen continued his INT streak raising the total to 7 straight games.
3 (4) FW 7-4 94.30 The Pistons hit rock bottom two weeks ago but they have bounced back. Fort Wayne scored 144 points to have the second highest total. Everyone of their starters scored at least 10 points except for their kicker who was 3 points short. They are replicating what the 2004 Chicago Trim did by starting a new kicker every week. They've scored 85 points so far where the Trim finished the season with 84.
4 (3) LAB 8-3 93.23 The Bombers lost and now two teams have joined them at 8-3. LA is still looking for their first championship and it has been made more difficult after losing Mark Andrews for the season. Lamar Jackson was lucky to make it through the game as he played through some ankle pain. Again, Robinson would have outscored Taylor's carryover, so it was a good non decision two weeks ago.
5 (6) TB 8-3 86.97 The Blizzard were the highest scorer for the week going for 150 points. This is on the eve of at least one of the Justin's coming back to the starting lineup too. With Burrow going down, Mixon picked up the slack and accounted for 25 points. Tank Dell had his first FFL start and had a 33 point night. Perhaps Tampa Bay doesn't need Jefferson to come back quite yet.
6 (7) DEN 5-6 81.21 The Diamonds played the last place Jesters and delivered a victory. The win keeps them in the playoff picture as they hold on to the #7 seed. Saquan Barkley was having an awful day rushing the ball (6 carries on -2 yards) but once he got a receving TD, then he found his game going for 29 points. Both Barkley and Jacobs finished with 14 carries.
7 (5) SD 5-6 79.87 The Surge had a streak come to an end. They were one of three teams to score at least 100 points every week. San Diego failed to even reach 90. It's easy to see why because nobody even scored 20 points. The Surge are fortunate enough to hold onto the last playoff spot at the moment, but their last 3 games come against teams that are above them in the standings.
8 (8) SF 5-6 72.32 The Rattlesnakes were on the losing side of the pivotal division game versus Chicago. San Fran was handed their most lopsided loss of the season, 44 points. It would have been much closer if two of their players didn't sustain injuries in the 2nd quarter. Cooper Kupp left with an ankle injury and Aaron Jones sprained his MCL.
9 (12) DET 4-7 69.62 The Devils desperately needed a win to keep their playoff hopes alive and that's exactly what they got. Detroit used a three headed attack to seal the deal. Coming off his worst performance, T. Law had his best game and ended with 38 points. Gibbs found the endzone for the 4th straight game. Brandon Aiyuk won POTW despite only having the 5th largest margin of victory.
10 (11) ATL 2-9 67.15 The Jesters have not officially missed the playoffs, but you can say confidently that they are out. De'Von Achane came back from IR, but it certainly didn't look like it. He played 3 snaps (his removal was precautionary) before reinjuring his knee that put him on the IR. St. Brown has been on a terror scoring at least 21 points in 6 straight week.
11 (9) ANA 4-7 67.10 The Commando Cats followed up a bad week with their worst week of the season scoring 75 points. It was their second time this season where they were the lowest scoring team. In a much antipicated showdown on MNF, Mahomes was poised for a huge game in a Super Bowl rematch vs the Eagles but that never happened. For the 3rd straight week, he had a 21 point night.
12 (10) ND 3-8 66.80 The Nimrods lost their third straight game to essentially make the rest of their regular season games must wins to keep their playoff streak going. It was also their third straight game where they failed to reach triple digits. Going forward, they will be without Kenneth Walker due to an oblique injury. Derrick Henry looks like a shell of himself only scoring 7 points the last two weeks.

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