2020 Power Rankings - Week 11

Rank (LW) Logo Team Record Rating Comment
1 (1) SF 7-3 115.11 The Rattlesnakes finally lost an overtime game dropping their career OT record to 2-1. San Fran could not keep their streak alive of being the top scoring team in an even numbered week. In the 4 weeks where they led the league in weekly scoring they averaged 174 points vs. 124 points when they don't.
2 (2) LAB 5-5 98.59 The Bombers put up their biggest turd of the season going for 79 points. This is their second time where they were the lowest score. When the entire team fails to score a TD, you will pretty much lose every week. Staying positive, they were able to get a rushing bonus from each back.
3 (4) ND 7-3 96.40 The Nimrods won in a dramatic OT thriller. They needed 13 points to tie San Francisco out of their Chicago Bears defense and that is exactly what they got. A kickoff return for a TD coming out of halftime was the difference. This week, both of the RB backs went over the 100 yard rushing barrier.
4 (3) ANC 6-4 96.38 The Ice Knights put up their lowest score of the year and barely cracked triple digits with a 106 point outing. Aaron Rodgers did his part by scoring 37 points but the next best was McLaurin with 16 against a porous Lions defense. Jason Sanders was a nice free agent pick up and had a 14 point week.
5 (7) SD 5-5 94.82 The Surge was the highest scoring team for the second time this year. They have scored 637 points over the past 4 weeks which is 100 points better than the second best team (Los Angeles) and 355 points better than the worst team (Denver). Everyone who actually played this week scored more than 10 points.
6 (6) DET 5-5 87.94 The Devils have lost 2 in a row and failed to capitalize on San Francisco's loss ahead of them in the standings. With half of the team on a bye that carried over 69 points, it seemed like noboby played. Gibson scored 2 rushing TDs and Watson struggled in the windy, rainy conditions in Cleveland with 17 points.
7 (5) ATL 4-6 84.14 The Jesters lost by a single point to the league's worst team. Taking advantage of the new rule this year, they swapped out Kenyon Drake for Chase Edmond after the 1pm normal deadline. That turned out to be a 9 point blunder that cost them a victory. Dalvin Cook did his part rushing the ball a whopping 30 times.
8 (9) FW 5-5 81.53 The Pistons snapped their 3 game streak of not breaking 100 points by going for 136 points. Matthew Stafford got the nod at QB and scored 31 points which was their highest QB total since Week 5. Josh Jacobs had his best week since Week 1 with a 39 point day. Mark Andrews went for over 10+ points, his first since time since week 5.
9 (8) TB 4-6 79.17 The Blizzard need Christian McCaffrey in their lineup. They also need Joe Mixon in their lineup too. When both guys are out of the lineup, they are 0-3. McCaffrey looks to be out this week and Mixon is questionable as well. This past week their running backs scored a total of 11 points on 7 total carries.
10 (10) SH 4-6 73.03 The Hooligans took advantage of an inferior opponent and easily got the victory for their second victory in a row. Sterling Heights may feel like a bad team, but they have scored over 100 points every week except for in week 3. If you take their two lowest scores out, they are 44-42-2 vs the rest of the league.
11 (11) CTR 5-5 72.52 The Triumph have won 4 straight games to join the ranks at .500. They have not done anything special to earn those wins. Chicago has averaged 120 points in their wins and 103 points in their losses. Their opponents on the other hand have averaged 132 in their wins and 97 points in their losses.
12 (12) DEN 3-7 60.38 The Diamonds snapped their 3 game losing streak with a win they had to get. Drew Lock didn't look like the answer at QB after a 10 point week. Denver's highest QB point total in the last 6 weeks has been 20 points. Dak scored 185 points in 4 weeks. Since his injury, the collection of QBs has scored 80 points in 6 weeks.

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