2017 Power Rankings - Week 11

Rank (LW) Logo Team Record Rating Comment
1 (2) SD 9-1 88.04 The Surge have pushed their winning streak to 9 games which is the most since the Chicago Trim accomplished that in 2011. The win was nothing to brag about as San Diego failed to eclipse 100 points, their third time during their streak. There is a chink in their armor now after Devonta Freeman left the game after 2 carries finishing with zero points.
2 (1) ANC 5-5 87.18 The Ice Knights lost for the second week in a row to the last place team. Both weeks Anchorage failed to break 100 points. They are still searching for Dalvin Cook's replacement. Cook scored 71 points in 4 weeks. His replacements have combined for 38 points in 6 weeks.
3 (3) LA 6-4 84.99 The Bombers won completing the sweep of Chicago this season. It was a two man show for LA. Jared Goff may have had a slow start in the first half but exploded in the second half. He finished with 45 points getting 40+ from his QB in the past 3 weeks. Adam Thielen had 32 points at wideout which is the most from a Bomber wideout by 12 points.
4 (5) SF 5-5 83.66 The Rattlesnakes crushed it by going for 161 points. It is the 3rd highest score for the year. Their QB and RB's combined for 107 points. Mark Ingram scored 41 points which was good to win Player of the Week. Le'Veon Bell finsihed with 21 points while Cam Newton padded the lead with 45 points on MNF which will also carryover.
5 (4) DET 5-5 71.96 The verdict is in, Ezekiel Elliott will serve his entire 6 game suspension. The Devils lost their first game without Elliott, who won't return until week 16. Alfred Morris who filled in for EE got 11 of the Cowboys' 21 rushes. He finished the day with 5 points. In the same game, Dak started for the first time this season and ended with 14 points.
6 (6) TB 8-2 71.91 The Blizzard won another game where they turned in a turd with 77 points. It was their second consecutive week where they failed to break 80 points after topping 100 in 4 straight games. Out of the stench, Tevin Coleman has emerged smelling like roses. He filled in for Freeman and saw 20 carries with a touchdown.
7 (8) ND 3-7 71.89 Poor North Dakota. They have lost their past 4 games by a combined total of 10 points! The Nimrods scored 122 points in a losing effort falling a single point short. Robert Wood's 39 point day was all for nothing. The same could go for Kamara's 29 points too. But Hunter Henry got his second start of this season and got his second goose egg too.
8 (7) SH 5-5 69.10 The Hooligans cooled off after 2 weeks of scoring over 120+ with 88 points. Fournette returned to play since week 6 after overcoming an injury and suspension. He failed to find the endzone for the first time this season too. Matt Ryan got the start again but didn't live up to expectations with 20 points.
9 (12) DEN 5-5 61.82 The Diamonds ended their 5 game losing streak in dramatic fashion. They were the lowest scoring team for 4 streaks. Denver saw a big improvement from their wideouts. Fitzgerald and Shepard combined for 55 points which beat the team's previous best of 46 points. It was the first time that both WRs went double digit in the same week.
10 (9) CHI 2-8 60.91 Stick a fork in them, they are done. Chicago lost which means that with 4 games to go, they must run the table to even have a shot at making the playoffs. And things won't look any better at the start of the week with their 10 point carryover coming from Powell, Doyle, and Gano.
11 (11) ATL 3-7 57.97 The Jesters upset the Ice Knights to keep their slim chances of the playoffs alive. Remember, Atlanta started off the season at 0-5 averaging 83 points per game. They have gone 3-2 since and average 105 points per game. This team has almost completely changed since the season began. The only staple on their team is Delanie Walker.
12 (10) FW 4-6 57.94 The Pistons scored a season high of 108 points but lost by 53 points. Fort Wayne is trending in the right direction by setting a new season high the past 3 weeks. Yes, that means the first 7 weeks of the season were miserable but they have a chance. Jimmy Graham has been impressive scoring in double digits the past 6 weeks.

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