2023 Power Rankings - Week 10

Rank (LW) Logo Team Record Rating Comment
1 (1) SH 7-2 104.24 The champs are on a mission to repeat, winning their 6th straight game. They have matched the Bombers for the best record in the league at 7-2. They are winning a lot because they are the league's highest scoring team, but they also have the lowest points against. So far, 5 of their 9 opponents have failed to break 100 points against them.
2 (4) CTR 5-4 94.46 The Triumph rolled with another 130 point week and have hit that mark 5 times so far this season. Joe Burrow looks like he is finally back to normal going for 39 points this week following a 41 point week. Chicago should have not made any transactions and roster changes from the previous week. They made changes at WR2, PK, and Def which cost them 12 points.
3 (2) FW 5-4 93.68 The Pistons have fallen off the face of the fantsy world. They have lost their last 3 games, but this one was an epic fail on all levels. They finished the week with 53 points which is the lowest score since the 2018 season. Things aren't looking much better for this week with a 24 point carryover coming from Mostert, Puka, and Kelce.
4 (3) LAB 7-2 92.33 The Bombers lost for just the second time this entire season. It was a pretty quiet week for LA with nobody having that breakthrough game except for CeeDee Lamb who nearly had 200 yards receiving. Despite having two great defenses on their roster, they haven't had a double digit performance since week 2 and actually have scored the least amount of points for defenses.
5 (5) DEN 4-5 84.32 The Diamonds lost in overtime to the Rattlesnakes after being the third highest scorer for the third consecutive week. Denver could have easily won the contest if they started C.J. Shroud instead of going with Derek Carr, the first game after Kirk Cousin's injury. The Diamonds had the game won but Josh Jacobs gave back his rushing bonus with a 3 yard loss on his last attempt.
6 (6) SD 4-5 82.41 The Surge was predicted to lose to Detroit with every analyst picking them to lose in the eliminator. In their 5 losses this year, their opponent upped their game averaging 148 points. In their 4 wins this year, their opponents have fallen on their faces averaging 92 points. San Diego has made one change to the starting lineup this season benching Kyle Pitts in favor of Jake Ferguson.
7 (7) TB 6-3 81.62 The Blizzard find themselves with the third best record in the league despite only outscoring one team this season. One thing I know for sure, the Gus Bus has been making stops in the endzone. Edwards scored 2 more rushing touchdown this week to give him 6 overall for the last 3 weeks. So far, Tampa Bay is 2-1 without the Justins in the lineup.
8 (10) SF 5-4 77.16 The Rattlesnakes won another overtime game in the new format. Since the tiebreaker has gone to a decimal point format, San Francisco has played in all 3 overtime games and won. I don't know how they are surviving all of these close battles with 6 out of their 9 games being decided by 5 points or less. They are 4-2 in those ultra close contests.
9 (9) ANA 4-5 75.69 Anaheim benefited from playing an awful Pistons team to get back into the playoff field. The Commando Cats overcame a second consecutive bad start from Mahomes. He only scored 21 points in the Germany game. It was Dalton Schultz who had the performance of the week scoring 32 points. The previous team tight end best was 13 points from Evan Engram in Week 3.
10 (8) ND 3-6 73.98 The Nimrods are looking worse and worse when it comes to their playoff chances. Since their losing started back in Week 4, they have averaged 103 points in that stretch. Kenneth Walker and Davante Adams have been complete busts over the last two weeks with each guy contributing 9 points. North Dakota did strike gold on the waiver wire with Cole Kmet going for 23 points.
11 (11) DET 3-6 72.31 The Devils have won 2 in a row to put themselves one game back from the last playoff spot. Detroit was predicted to win largely thanks to their hefty 78 point carryover from T. Law, Gibbs, and Aiyuk. The player who is finding their groove is their kicker. Koo had a 18 point day which tied for the highest kicking total this year. This comes on the heels of 12 and 13 point weeks.
12 (12) ATL 1-8 64.33 The Jesters are in a complete free fall losing their 8th game this year. They now have reached 2 losing streak of 4 straight. Deshaun Watson returned to action after missing 6 straight weeks. His stats were limited to just 24 points. It was the Cleveland Browns defense who really got it done who pitched a shutout on their way to a 23 point week.

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