2017 Power Rankings - Week 1

Rank (LW) Logo Team Record Rating Comment
1 (--) CHI 0-0 Proj Points = 2105 The Chicago Triumph did not have a good season after changing their team name. For the third time ever, they missed the playoffs ending their nine season streak. Perhaps it is by coincidence but anytime a new girl enters the picture, then they fail to make the playoffs. 2003 it was Leona, 2006 it was Liz, and 2016 it was Claire. It's safe to say that this is a playoff team.
2 (--) DEN 0-0 Proj Points = 1978 The glory years for the Diamonds were 2007 and 2008. Those were both championships seasons where they won 25 games. Then Denver found the right formula winning 25 games again in 2012 and 2013, only to lose as the #1 seed in the first round and #5 seed in the semis. It's about that time again where the Diamonds have an incredible two year run.
3 (--) SF 0-0 Proj Points = 1948 Twenty years have past since the Rattlesnakes franchise was champion of the league. It's not like they have been terrible in that time either losing 4 times in the finals. Their longest time without making a final is 6 years, going in 2007 and again in 2013. There have been curses in sports before, but can that be applied to fantasy football?
4 (--) ANC 0-0 Proj Points = 1903 The Ice Knights followed their championship season from 2015 with a Toilet Bowl loss in 2016. They join the 1998-1999 Surge and 2014-2015 Surge for that dubius feat. Anchorage hopes to join only the 2013-2014 Surge who went from worst to first. The Ice Knights have already gone from missing the draft in 2016 to hosting the draft in 2017.
5 (--) ATL 0-0 Proj Points = 1898 Jimmy Graham or Kyle Rudolph? That was the big question for who to start in the 2016 Fantasy Bowl. Well, Atlanta made the wrong decision in the last hour before kickoff. The Jesters could have been the first and only 4-time champion. Instead, they come into this season with their second consecutive runner-up finish.
6 (--) SD 0-0 Proj Points = 1885 The Surge must feel disappointed after losing to the #8 seed in the first round of last year's playoff. They were on the path of going from worst to first, back to worst, and then back to first. Talk about one roller coaster of winning vs. losing. If the last 4 years is a pattern for success, consider this San Diego edition to be a bust.
7 (--) SH 0-0 Proj Points = 1879 The Hooligans last won in 2011. That was a championship that was served on a platter. Sterling Heights has only been to one other final back in 2001 where they faced their same finals opponent. In the past 4 years, they have won 2 divisional titles and have missed the playoffs twice. The current trend would show them out of the playoff race.
8 (--) TB 0-0 Proj Points = 1878 With Detroit winning it last year, Tampa Bay now has the second longest championship drought. Things looked so promising for the rookie franchise in 2000. They are only one of three rookies to win it all. In that time, the Blizzard only made it back to the finals in 2009. This just supports the theory that there is something called beginner's luck.
9 (--) ND 0-0 Proj Points = 1828 Last year, the Nimords had their best finish ever with a 3rd place showing. They have only missed the playoffs just once in four seasons. However, North Dakota has yet to put together a 10-win season. Remember in 2013 of their rookie season, they got to win #9 after week 13. They would go on to lose their last 4 games that year and the next 11 after that for a total of 15.
10 (--) LA 0-0 Proj Points = 1817 The Los Angeles franchise has 10 seasons under its belt. They have been to the playoffs 3 times, with just one playoff win. They have a 45% overall win percentage with a 70% win percentage in the post season. For the third time, they find themselves in a divsion without a Polley. They failed to make the playoffs in 2013 and 2014, which were the other two years.
11 (--) FW 0-0 Proj Points = 1802 The Pistons last won the championship in 2005, which is the third longest drought among active owners. This franchise has only been to the finals one time but they did win that game by 100 points. Fort Wayne has also won 4 Toilet Bowls with 1 loss. They are doomed for failure because their 5th round and 7th rounders were lost for the year in the pre-season.
12 (--) DET 0-0 Proj Points = 1800 The Detroit Devils enter the season as the defending champions. They ended the second longest championship drought of 17 years (1999) despite being the lowest scoring team. As the champ, Detroit went back to the final in 2000 as the #1 seed only to lose to a rookie. The Devils do not have anyone on their current roster from last year's team.

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