2018 Power Rankings - Week 1

Rank (LW) Logo Team Record Rating Comment
1 (--) DET 0-0 Proj Points = 1891 Detroit added their second title in 2016 after a 17 year wait from their first championship in 1999. Life is very different nowadays as the Devils' HQ relocated to Dallax, Texas. Despite being an online drafter, Detroit constructed (what I think) is the best team on paper to start the season. It even looks like they their backup QB, Matthew Stafford will start the season with Carson Wentz not cleared to play.
2 (--) SD 0-0 Proj Points = 1882 The defending champs were unable to be at the draft in person. The trophy didn't even make the journey which meant trophy ball turned into pumpkin ball. There are a few pieces that came back from that championship team with Cousins, Gurley, and Freeman all returning. Throw in the Super Bowl champion defense Eagles and this team has a golden feel to it.
3 (--) SF 0-0 Proj Points = 1709 The championship drought lingers. The confetti has not fallen for this franchise since the inagural 1997 season. They have gone to 4 finals since that first title, but remain winless. San Francisco may have a new outlook on life which could translate into good karma and a second title. The Rattlensnakes were last in the finals in 2013 for the "Ultimate Polley Bowl".
4 (--) LAB 0-0 Proj Points = 1835 The Bombers are all in trying to win a championship in their 12th season. Last year they fell short by 24 points in their first trip to the finals. They made a huge trade at the draft giving up their 2nd, 3rd, and 4th round picks for a 1st, 5th, and 9th round pick. They have the best backfield with Le'Veon Bell and David Johnson at #2 and #4 overall, but Bell hasn't reported yet and Johnson is coming back a season ending injury.
5 (--) ANC 0-0 Proj Points = 1740 The Ice Knights are one of three teams to have 3 titles and the only team to win from two different cities. Anchorage was the highest scoring team last year and the only team to break the 2K barrier. The Ice Knights did not land good drafting positions in the first four rounds, having the 10-12-10-12 spots. I'd say they did quite well getting Gordon, Adams, Thielen, and Brees with those picks.
6 (--) DEN 0-0 Proj Points = 1810 This year marks 10 years since the Diamonds were last champions. They were the first to win two titles and the only team to win back-to-back titles. But since that 2008 season, Denver has only made it back to the finals twice. There is no telling how this team will pan out as they didn't grab a running back until their 3rd pick, the only team to deploy that tactic.
7 (--) ND 0-0 Proj Points = 1689 The Nimrods enter their 6th season without a title or even a finals appearance. They are 1-4 in the playoffs with their only win coming in 2016 as the #8 seed. North Dakota drafted DeAndre Hopkins with the first pick and then followed that up with 3 consecutive RB's. They know the importance of a workhorse RB. They added one more back in Jordan Wilkins who may be this year's Alvin Kamara.
8 (--) TB 0-0 Proj Points = 1818 The Blizzard have not won the title since their rookie season in 2000. They were on the other end of the blockbuster trade at the draft with Los Angeles. They may have given up their 1st round pick, but they got 2 picks in the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th rounds. Tampa Bay should feel good about their return. However, their 3rd pick, Jerick McKinnon went down for the season with a torn ACL.
9 (--) ATL 0-0 Proj Points = 1642 The Jesters were the first team to win 3 titles, capturing them in 2004, 2009, and 2013. Last year must have been a fluke because they missed the playoffs but did win the Toilet Bowl. This seaon, they look to avoid missing the playoffs in back-to-back season for the first time ever. Atlanta is relying on youth because their first 3 RB's drafted (Barkley, Freeman, and Penny) are all rookies.
10 (--) SH 0-0 Proj Points = 1681 The Hooligans were last crowned champions in the 2011 campaign. They backed into a championship when Calvin Johnson was benched in favor of some unknown Redskins reciever. Enter a different Johnson into the equation for the draft and you are left with a pretty generic named team. Sterling Heights was the team to the get the last pick in the 1st round and opted for Dalvin Cook.
11 (--) FW 0-0 Proj Points = 1674 The Pistons last won in 2005 which is also their only time appearing in the finals. They haven't done much with only 3 other playoff wins in their franchise's existance which debuted in 2002. Fort Wayne has missed the playoffs in 8 of their 16 seasons. If they want to turn it around, they will need their top two picks, Hunt and McCoy, to carry the load because their top two last year scored 276 points.
12 (--) CHI 0-0 Proj Points = 1904 The Triumph were so horrible last year that they deserve to be in the bottom slot to start this season. Chicago has not won a title since 2010 but when they did, they had a man named Aaron Rodgers at QB. They are riding the same mojo in an attempt to become a playoff team since changing their team name from the Trim following the 2015 season.

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