(This is an exact copy of the Fantasy Football 2003 invitation sent out on March 18th. It will remain on this page for reference at least until the draft.)

Hello everybody~

This E-mail is to invite you all to join our Fantasy Football League in 2003. If you were not in FFL within the past two years, please read through this entire E-mail. If you were in FFL the past two years, I will place a star next to each item that has changed within that time. Make sure you read those sections. It won’t be a bad idea to read the entire thing anyways though. Some parts of this E-mail are subject to change however, if there is a change, it will be made very clear at the draft. Please let me ASAP know if you will be participating in the league this year.

What is Fantasy Football???

Fantasy Football is where people get together and draft players from the NFL to be on their team. Once each person has a team together they start whoever they think will do well each week from their team in the actual NFL games. The stats that their players get that week earn them points. Each person will be going up against another person each week. Whoever gets the most points from their NFL players, wins that game.

The Web Site*

Unlike most Fantasy Football Leagues, our league has its own web site that is not controlled by someone like Yahoo! or ESPN. Erik and I do all the work on the web page so that it is personalized for our league. The web site is already up, but does not have much on it yet. The URL is http://ffl_03.tripod.com/page.html

Old Web Sites

To check out how the league is run, you can check out the past web sites. The web site from last year is linked to the current one, and you can go back through quite a few years of the league.

Team Pages*

Every team MUST make a team web page. This web page has only one requirement. It has to have a team logo on it. Try to keep your web page fairly clean. I do not wish to offend anyone. If I ask you to make changes to a web page because of someone being offended, please do so quickly. If you do not make a team web page and have it linked to the main FFL page by the start of the season, then after that day, you will not be allowed to make any transactions or starting line-up changes until the page is up. If at the end of the season, you still do not have a page, you will not be invited back next season.

Commishes and Committee

Erik Johnson and I are the Co-Commissioners of this league. I have 51% of the power, and he has 49% or the power. We pretty much run everything there is to run in this league and do all of the stats ourselves. There is also a championship committee of 6 people every year. It is based on seniority and history in the league. Assuming all 6 of us play next year the committee will consist of Erik, Alan Turner, Tim Marklevitz, Kristy Littlebury, Craig Wolowiec, and me. By the chance that one or more of us does not play, they will be replaced on the committee and their replacement will be determined by the seniority of the other league players. If there is ever a vote on rule changes or other things like that, the committee does the voting.

The New System*

It’s obvious that this FFL league is going to have to expand. The league is too popular to not allow the addition of more teams. However, everyone who I have talked to feels that having 10-12 teams is the ideal size for this league. Therefore, Erik and I got together and made a decision on how to do this. The idea is not originated by us, but we are going to use it. FFL this year will have two divisions. There will be a top league and a lower league (assuming there will be more than 12 people at the draft). These divisions do not have names yet. The top 12 people at the draft in seniority will make up the top league. Everyone else at the draft will make up the lower league which I will allow between 4 and 20 teams to participate in. The top league will never play against the lower league. However, the two teams from the Toilet Bowl in the top league will drop to the lower league after each season should our league continue this expansion. Plus, if any teams drop out of FFL from the top league, obviously they will be gone as well. Then any open spots in the upper league will be filled by the top teams in the lower league. This will continue from year to year in the interest of fairness. That way, the top league remains at a good size and should always have good teams. Also, this means that other people are given a chance to earn an opportunity to compete in the best fantasy football league that I have ever known of. If anyone has any questions on this, let me know.


These are the people that are invited to join us for FFL in 2003:

Pat Banks 
Phil Barnowski 
Chris Bixler 
Scott Chemello 
Jay Deardorff 
Domenic Decaria 
Becki Dziengelewski 
Nick Ferraro 
Greg Franzen 
Tim Heiman 
Tim Hendershot 
Lee Hickerson 
Tony Higgins 
Roberto Iaderosa 
Erik Johnson 
George Kosmides 
Kristy Littlebury 
Tim Marklevitz 
Mike Marshall 
Dustin Myers 
Mike Pearcy 
Dan Pharris 
Mark Polley 
Mike Polley 
John Ray 
Stephanie Rozewicz 
James Salliotte (Has not received this E-mail, forward it if you can) 
Carl Schumacher 
Alan Turner 
Jared Turner 
Craig Wolowiec 
Eric Yarger

People Not Invited*

Just because someone isn't invited doesn't mean we won't let them play. If you know of someone else who would really like to play, let me know before the draft, and they will be allowed to join the lower league. The lower league is completely open. However, the participants will be expected to conduct themselves in an acceptable fashion if they want to remain a part of this league. The league is designed to be fun, and I want it to remain that way.

Draft Info*

The FFL Draft is set for Sunday, August 24th. Be there at 1:00 for the sorting of team names and any votes that need to be taken. Erik, please come at 12:00 to help set up the draft board and stuff like that. If anyone else would like to show up at 12, that is fine with me. The actual drafting of players will probably start around 2:00-2:30. If there is a lower league, both leagues will draft simultaneously. There must be an even number of teams in each league. So if an odd number of people show up to the draft, I will have a system ready to draft an extra team, a ghost team if you will, to be run by the first person to ask for it after the draft is over. At the draft there will be a board set up to write all picks on. There are 5 minutes per pick, at the end of the 5 minutes, if you do not have a player ready to pick, I will use the same process that drafts a ghost team to choose your player for you. The draft begins with the draft for a team defense. If there are 16 or more players in a league, we will draft only one defense per team. If there are 14 or less players in a league, we will draft two. Then the player rounds begin. There are 12 rounds for players and each team must have a full starting line-up by the end of the 12 rounds. The order for each round is determined by a random draw. Each round has a separate draw, however all drawing for rounds occur before the drafting begins. We draw first for the order of the 2nd defensive round (if applicable), the first name being drawn receiving the last pick of that round and so on until we get to the first pick. Then we draw for the first defensive round. Then, we start the draw for the 12th player round, then 11th, and so on until all rounds have an order. There is no compensation for a bad draw in a round. Each rounds draw is unaffected by the previous. Although, trading of draft picks, or trading of players already drafted for later picks is allowed.


If there are suggested rule changed to the league that the Co-Commissioners choose to vote on, the vote is done by the committee. All votes to change something that is currently the case in the league must be 4-2 in favor to pass.


Should there be a protest of a game or ruling throughout the season, I will have final say on the decision, although in most cases it will be discussed with the Co-Kommissioner Erik Johnson. If the two of us can not come up upon a decision, then the committee will vote. Keep in mind if there is a committee vote, then there must be a 4-2 decision in order to change the current status of things.


FFL is free to enter. The only way that will change is if many people respond to this E-mail saying they would like to put some money on the season. In which case, all league participants will all vote on or before draft day. We currently do not play for money is because this is a fun league. I do not want to see a charge to play cause a lack of participation.


At the beginning of the season I will be making a page on the web site with my pre season predictions as to who will finish what place in the league. Do not take offense to these predictions, they are my opinions and I do the best I can with them. If anyone else chooses to do predictions, I will create a full predictions page, where everyone will be allowed to have their predictions posted.

Team Names

Each person will have to choose a location and a mascot for their team. (ex. Phoenix Cobras) Any players who finished the last season will have the option to keep their location or mascot or both if they choose to. No teams can have duplicate locations or mascots. No team can use the mascot of a current NFL team. No team can use the location and mascot of another major sports team. (ex. You cannot be the Detroit Tigers, however you could be the Chicago Tigers.) After we determine who of the 10 returning players is keeping their team locations or mascots, everyone gets to choose theirs. The first selections of locations and mascots will be based on seniority in the league. The first time players will draw to determine the order of selecting the location and mascot. A team location or mascot or both can be denied if it is extremely inappropriate, or is it is not a major enough city, state, or province to deserve a team. Whether or not the city, state, or province is major enough will be determined by me. If anyone challenges a location or mascot, the committee will vote on it.


Seniority is based first upon whether or not you played last season. The tie breaker for that is how many games you have played in the leagues history. The next tie breaker is when the most recent game played by that team is. If there is still a tie, it goes to whoever finished highest ranked in that season. All rookies will draw for anything that involves order of seniority, but once the season starts, their standings will determine between them.


I will be making some schedules for the season before the draft using numbers for teams. Hopefully this will allow me to have a schedule prepared for the number of teams we will have in the league prior to the draft. Then the teams will draw a number that will determine which team they are on the schedule.


The league standings are determined first by the best to worst overall record. The tie breaker for that is division or conference record. The tie breaker after that is +/- which is determined by the number of points you have scored all season - the number of points scored by your opponents. If a tie-breaker is still required after this, which there never has been, we will use home record, and if still a tie remains, then a coin is flipped.


To figure out the number of teams that will make the play-offs we use the formula (# of teams in the league / 2) + 2. If this makes it a 5-8 team play-off then the play-offs will occur weeks 15-17. If it is a 9-12 team play-off, then the play-offs will occur weeks 14-17. If there are divisions or conferences, then the top team in each division or conference will make the play-offs, and then anyone will be eligible for the remaining spots.

Position Requirements

Each team will have 12 position players on it and 1-2 defenses based on the number of teams in the league. Each week, every team will have to turn in a starting line-up consisting of 1 quarterback, 2 runningbacks, 2 wide receivers, 1 tight end, 1 place kicker, and 1 defense. Therefore at all times you must have at least that many players on your team at those positions. The only possible exception would be if a trade is made that involves a team dropping below the required amount to make the trade, but that team must immediately pick someone up to fill that spot on their roster. This is also the rare exception where you can momentarily have more or less than 12 players or the incorrect number of defenses on your team. But again you must pick up or drop players to give your team the correct amount immediately after. If this is not done, all transactions that made the roster invalid will be cancelled.

Starting Line-up Deadline

All starting line-ups must be in before the kickoff of the first game each week. However, in order to avoid problems with E-mails not going through, earlier is better. I must receive the starting line-up by then, so don't send it at that point and expect me to get it in a split second. I check my mail right at kick-off each week to look for last minute changes, and if you submit a line-up early and want to change later, as long as it is before kick-off, that is fine. If a line-up is not turned it, the line-up from the previous week will be used.


Transactions are any time someone picks up a free agent or makes a trade. All transactions will be listed on a section of the web site. All transactions must be given to me via E-mail or handed to me in writing. If they are sent via E-mail, the time it lists in the E-mail is the official time for your transaction. If a transaction is written and handed to me, I will write the time on it to the second as based on my watch. Written transactions must be handed to me one at a time. Transactions are all done on a first come first serve basis. If the last game of a week goes past midnight of that day, then transactions can not be done until the point where the game clock hits zero, I will be writing this time down as well. If the game ends before midnight, then midnight is the earliest time that a transaction can be done.

Free Agents

After the draft, there will be many NFL players not taken by any fantasy teams and they will stand as free agents. You can pick up these players and drop players on your team as long as your roster still meets all requirements. You can only obtain free agents during times when transactions are open.


During any period where transactions are allowed, teams can trade players with other teams. The only restriction on trades is that both teams have to agree, and both teams must let me know they agree. Also, if the commissioners determine that one team is trying to fold just to help out another team by trading them all their top players for lesser players, that trade can be made void by the commissioners. Lastly, should an uneven trade be made (ex. trading 1 player for 2 players) then immediately after the trade, the team that received less players must pick up enough to fill their roster, and the team that received more players but drop enough to get back down to a valid roster. Also the correct number of defenses must be maintained as well.

Transaction Deadlines

Trades or transactions for each week must be in before 11:59 PM the day before the first game of that week. There will be no trades or transactions after 11:59 PM on the day of the Trade Deadline. I will not determine what day that will be until the NFL schedule is announced. You must have a complete and valid play-off roster by this time.


The scoring system is as follows:

Defensive Shutout=10 points 
Touchdown (Passing, Rushing, Receiving, Returning, Defensive)=6 points (Kick or Punt Return Touchdowns count for both the Team Defense and Individual Player) 
Field Goal of 45 Yards or more=5 points 
Defense Allows 1-10 points=5 points 
For every 250 Yards Passing=5 points 
For every 100 Yards Rushing=5 points 
For every 100 Yards Receiving=5 points 
Every 5 Receptions=5 points 
Field Goal of less than 45 Yards=3 points 
Defensive Safety=3 points 
2 Point Conversion (Passing, Rushing, Receiving, Defensive)=2 points 
Interception=2 points 
Defensive Fumble Recovery=2 points 
Defense Allows 11-20 points=2 points 
20 Yards Passing=1 point 
10 Yards Rushing=1 point 
10 Yards Receiving=1 point 
Extra Point=1 point 
Sack=1 point 
Missed Field Goal= -1 point 
Missed Extra Point= -1 point 
Interception Thrown= -2 points 
Fumbles Lost= -2 points*

*-This stat may not be counted if I am doing stats for Week 1 and cannot easily find that statistic.

Should by rare chance, a player throw and receive a touchdown in the same play, he does receive points for a passing and receiving touchdown, 12 points. The same applies to 2 pt conversions and yardage.

Live Scoreboard*

If I am prepared enough at the draft, which I hope to be, I will do a live scoreboard via Yahoo! I will discuss details at the draft. However, no matter what the Yahoo! Scoreboard says, I will have final say on all scored.

Game Stats

The stats used for this league will most likely be taken from ESPN.com, unless I determine that another site is faster and/or more reliable.

Bye Week Rule

The Bye Week Rule is simple. When each NFL team's bye week occurs, if you started that player the previous week, you have to start them during their bye week as well, and they will score the same amount of points for your team as they did the previous week. If you did not start a player the week before their bye, you cannot start them the week of their bye. Also, if a player is on a bye week and you started them the week before, you cannot trade or drop that player until after their bye week is over.

Questionable Rule

There is no compensation for injured players. There will be injury reports listed on the web site. Injury reports come from NFL.com. If a player is listed as doubtful or out on the injury report, you may not start that player. If a player is listed as probable, you may start the player, but if he does not play, you simply get zero points for that player. If a player is listed as questionable, you have the option of starting him, and naming a back-up player as well. If he played one play of the game, then you get the points for that player for that game. If he does not play, the back-up player is placed into your line-up and his points will count towards your team instead. If no back-up player is names and a player that was set to start was listed as questionable and does not play, I place the highest rated back-up player into that line-up as the back-up player.


There are no tie games in FFL. If a game is tied at the end of a week, we look at the back-ups on each team to determine a winner. Each back-up player/defense is listed as a roster. Then all injured players (determined by the questionable rule) will be removed from rosters. Next, any player who does not have a player on the opposing team at the same position to match up with is removed. Bye week scores do count. Each player match up will then be worth one point. Then if it is still tied, then the total points from those same reserves are added up and the winner of that gets one point. If it is still tied, then a best 2 out of 3 coin toss will be held by the Co-Commish with at least 1 other player to witness, worth one point. The home team will be heads, and the away team will be tails. If you have any questions on this…ask.

PlAyEr oF ThE WeEk

Each week one player is determined as the Player Of The Week. This is determined by how many points they beat there opposing player by. The tie breaker is total points scored. This player is determined by me. No player will be player of the week twice in the same season.

Player Stats

Individual player stats will be listed on the page. They will include things like how many points they have scored when starting throughout the season, when the players were drafted, their win-loss record for the season, and how many points have been scored against them throughout the season. The win-loss record for quarterbacks, tight ends, place kickers, and defenses are determined by how many times they beat or lose to the player at the same position on the FFL team they are going up against that week. Running backs and wide receivers are done the same way, with one exception. Because two players start at those positions each game, the higher rated running back will go against the higher rated running back on their respective teams, and the lower rated ones will go against each other. The same thing will be the case for wide receivers. Ratings are determined by the player stats, with number of wins being the first stat taken into account. The first week, the draft order will determine ratings however.


There are many awards given out, mostly to NFL players. I will be setting 3-4 finalists, determined statistically, for each award. Right after week 17 is over I will send out a ballot via E-mail, and it will let you choose who you think should win each award as well as have a ballot for the Pro Bowl teams and All Pro teams. I must receive all ballots by the first game off the play-offs.

Message Board

On the web site there will be a message board. People can use this to discuss possible trades or just see who is interested in trading. They can also use it for taunting purposes. Try not to take things too far, but have some fun with it and talk about whatever you like. This is one of the best features on the site, so enjoy.


I will try to maintain a general news page throughout the season. I don’t know what all I will include in this. Some of it may be a bit biased as well.

Weekly Predictions*

Last year, there were a few teams who had fun making weekly predictions for who will win each FFL game. I would like to link all those pages together this year on the main page. So, if you are interested in doing weekly predictions, make a page and let me know what the link is. I will keep a prediction’s standings on the main predictions page. If you don’t have predictions in before the first kick-off however, I will have to consider it as all loses for that week in the prediction’s standings. I think that will add another dimension to our league.


Here are some of the past winners and losers in FFL:

Fantasy Bowl I 
Mark Polley over Erik Johnson 
Fantasy Bowl II 
Greg Franzen over Mark Polley 
Fantasy Bowl III 
Alan Turner over Erik Johnson 
Fantasy Bowl IV 
Kristy Littlebury over Alan Turner 
Fantasy Bowl V 
Erik Johnson over Lee Hickerson 
Fantasy Bowl VI 
Scott Chemello over Becki Dziengelewski 

Toilet Bowl I 
Mike Pearcy over Raj Patel 
Toilet Bowl II 
Mike Pearcy over Mark Castagna 
Toilet Bowl III 
Mark Polley over Greg Franzen 
Toilet Bowl IV 
Jackie Kulik over Tim Marklevitz 
Toilet Bowl V 
John Ray over Greg Franzen/Stephanie Rozewicz 
Toilet Bowl VI 
Mike Pearcy over Tim Marklevitz

Stat History

Erik runs a stat history page. It will list all time and yearly stats that may interest people. We try to update this throughout the season as well.

E-mail Addresses

If you have an E-mail address you check more often than the one I am sending this to, or just one you would prefer me sending Fantasy Football information to, please let me know.

In Closing

Thank you all for your time, and I am sorry for the length of this E-mail, but I wanted to answer as many questions as possible. Erik, if you have anything to add to this that I forgot, just hit reply all. I hope that you all consider playing. We would love to have you in the league. It's a lot of fun and quite competitive. Even if you don't think you would do well, try it out and see, you can easily surprise yourself because there is a lot of luck involved. Hope to see you all on August 24th. Good luck.

”The Co-Commish” Mike Pearcy