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Who's Got The Hot Start?

Of course when we have only finished 2 weeks, it's a bit early to draw many conclusions. But over the last 6 seasons, teams that started out 2-0 went to the play-offs 90% of the time. And as we have seen time and time again, if you make the play-offs, you have a chance to be in the Fantasy Bowl. Well, unless you are the 5th seed. So who are the heavy favorites to make the field in 2023?

We were guaranteed at least two teams would make that mark, with 1-0 teams going against each other. The first of those match-ups saw the Blizzard take on the Rattlesnakes. Last week Tampa eeked out a one point win over the Jesters. Now they looked to complete the two week Polley sweep. After the weekend, James Cook and Justin Jefferson had led their respective teams with 29 points each. San Francisco lead 87-77, but with the Blizzard with one extra player to go. Olave and Sanders would finish the first Monday night game with 21 to switch the lead to 98-95 Tampa. But the Snakes had their top draft pick Nick Chubb left. Unfortunately for Chubb and San Francisco, this game had a bit of a gruesome ending. Chubb would suffer a season ending injury on the second play of the second quarter. The big blow to San Fran gave the opening Tampa needed. Njoku had a 29 yard catch before halftime to give Tampa the lead, and despite a later fumble, they wouldn't give it back. The Blizzard start 2-0, beating both Polley brothers by a combined total of 4 points.

The other match-up of winning teams was the battle for the early White Division lead between Sterling Heights and Los Angeles. Josh Allen bounced back after a disappointing week 1 with 3 touchdowns and a completion bonus in this one. The Hooligans would actually get a touchdown from each of their running backs and wide receivers as well. But for the Bombers, after feeling clear desperation at the running back position post week 1, they have found what looks to be a stub in 8th round selection Brian Robinson. The only running back with more points through 2 weeks, is the first one taken in the draft, so Robinson is a real steal at this point. Keenan Allen also stepped up big after not getting the start in week 1. He finished with 8 receptions for 111 yards and 2 touchdowns. That would prove to be enough for the Bombers, as they would go to 2-0 and look good to make the play-offs after missing it the past 2 seasons.

Those two would turn out to be the only two to hit that 2-0 mark. Detroit had an epic drop off, scoring less than half of their week 1 total. They failed to have anyone reach 14 points in the defeat and nearly lost by 100 to North Dakota, who had both of their running backs and receivers score 20+. The Nimrods fell just 2 points short of the high score for the week. That honor went to Chicago instead. Evans and McCaffrey combined for 65 of the 157 points for the Triumph. They stopped the Surge from joining the ranks of 2-0 teams. The loss is not the fault of the Eagle trio, who put up 67.