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The Luck Of The Rattlesnakes

The Rattlesnakes managed to stay undefeated in week 6, but it wasn't easy. Their team certainly under performed, when you take into account that their QB scored a mere 8 points and 75% of their team averaged about 7 points. Their receivers Jones and Boyd bailed them out and got them a 1 point victory over the Hooligans. This is the second time they have managed a 1 point victory and the second straight week they have scored only 96 points in a season where the league average is 123. San Francisco ranks 7th in points scored in 2018, yet the fact remains that they are 6-0 and on top of the league. Meanwhile, the bottom of the league is occupied by both teams who partook in the biggest blockbuster draft day trade in history. The Blizzard and the Bombers combined this week to score a total of 151 points. There were four teams who beat that total on their own this week. Two of those teams, much to the dismay of the Ice Knights, happened to play each other. Denver beat Anchorage 176-160 in a game that had the second highest combined point total of all time. Since laying an egg in week 2, the Diamonds have improved their score every week. Meanwhile, Anchorage drops to 3-3, despite being the highest scoring team in the league by a full 100 points.